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Keeping the Vagina Happy

Not many people have the view of the female genitalia that I do. When a woman is on an examination table for her annual visit, she is positioned so the provider can fully assess her lady parts. After doing these exams over 100 times each week for over 40 years, one day it occurred to me just how much a full-on view of the female vulva resembles a heart. The outer lips (labia majora) form each lobe of the heart. Oh well, just an observation!

With this being Valentine’s week, there is probably a good bit of sexual activity going on. I laugh to see the gift offerings of edible panties, flavored vaginal lubricants, body paints, etc.

Ladies, the vagina is not meant to taste like a strawberry or a candy bar. The healthy vagina does not have a bad odor, it does not itch, and it does not burn. However, it does have very delicate tissues that are easily irritated by perfumes and dyes.

Gentlemen… forego the gifts of vaginal taste additions in favor of a flower, some candy that goes in the mouth, a nice card!

If you want to add a bit of spice, try sexy lingerie or a sensual massage. Few women would be disappointed with a beautiful bouquet, a romantic dinner at a nice restaurant, even one of those big red heart boxes filled with chocolate.

In my clinical career, I have seen terrible allergic reactions to scented body sprays, bubble baths, flavored vaginal lubricants, and flavored condoms. A woman is in pure misery when her vagina is burning, itching and inflamed. Treatment involves a trip to the gynecologist and several prescription medications. How embarrassing is it to profess the true cause of this malady!

Be nice and considerate of your Valentine. Give a gift of your love and affection, non-flavored of course. Surprise her with something fun (hint: not a vacuum cleaner or a dish washer). One of the devices to enhance orgasms from our Options product line would make a great gift! Take her to a play or movie. Stay home and snuggle by the fire. Most of us women value the gift of your time as much as anything.

Happy Valentine’s Day to all!

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