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Anal intercourse is not a topic for most dinner conversations, and by some is considered a bit taboo. However, around 40% of young women have tried this form of sexual intercourse so I figure there may be some questions about this practice.

Anal intercourse, often referred to as anal sex, is the sex act that involves inserting the penis into another person’s anus. The anus is filled with sensitive nerve endings thus giving erogenous pleasure to the one receiving, sometimes referred to as the bottom. The tightness of the anal sphincter gives pleasure to the one giving, the top.

Questions range from the safety of this form of sexual intercourse to the how to’s. Since we don’t come into this life with an instruction book, who does one ask these questions? Why “what You Want to Know" of course!

Is Anal Sex Safe?

This question can be answered with both a “yes” and a “no” depending on the circumstances. The tissues of the anus are different from the tissues of the vagina. I will spare you the physiology of why this is but will tell you the tissues of the anus are not self-lubricating like those of a healthy vagina. Penetration of an unlubricated anus can cause tears, even microscopic, that can allow viruses and bacteria to enter the bloodstream. This can also result in the spread of sexually transmitted infections. Studies have shown that anal exposure to HIV is 30 times greater to the receiving partner than vaginal exposure. Exposure to human papilloma virus can lead to the development of anal warts and anal cancer.

A good water-based lubricant is very important. A latex condom is recommended even in a monogamous relationship. This is the only way to protect against the spread of infection. The anus is full of bacteria. Even if neither partner has no STI or disease, bacteria normally in the anus can potentially infect the giving partner. Practicing vaginal sex after anal sex can also lead to vaginal and urinary tract infections.

Oral contact with the anus can put both partners at risk for hepatitis, herpes, HPV, and other infections. Anal sex should not be used as an alternative sex practice to avoid pregnancy. Semen deposited anywhere near the vaginal opening can result in pregnancy.

Having said all of that, anal sex can be enjoyable. Some like it, others don’t. So now on to the how to’s…

Positioning is limited only by what you feel is comfortable. To start an exploration of anal sex, it is often more comfortable with the woman (or receiving partner) on top facing the man. This will allow control over how fast the penis is inserted. Make certain adequate lubrication has been applied to the penis.

Next, grasp the penis firmly and position at the anal opening. Gently slide down on the penis. At first this will go pretty easy, then you will encounter resistance. This is the anal sphincter. At this point you will need to relax and push on down until you feel the penis pass this muscular ring. You may feel like you are going to have a bowel movement, but you won’t. It may help to exhale with insertion.

Once you have adjusted to the pressure, try sliding down further, then raising up a bit. The more sexually excited you are, the less attention will be given to any unpleasant pressure. When the man has an orgasm in the anus, it will harmlessly drain out with gravity if he is not using a condom. Again, remember, any semen that comes close to the vaginal opening can potentially cause pregnancy in a fertile woman.

After you have become comfortable with the feel of anal sex, you may want to try using the knee chest position with the man entering from behind. Of course, as with any adult pleasure, be creative in your positioning!

One may wonder or hear tell that an enema is needed prior to anal sex since there is a concern it will make you poop. It is highly unlikely this will happen but if this is a concern, avoid things you know will stimulate bowel movements.

I recommend a good probiotic daily to all my patients. This ensures the gut is filled with good bacteria as well as regular, odorless bowel movements.

Anal sex can result in amazing orgasms. One study reported that 94% of women who had anal stimulation had an orgasm.

It is a myth that anal sex can cause damage. However, it is a fact that any type of sex practice done incorrectly can cause damage. Remember, good lubrication is the key as well as a patient partner. If this is just not for you, that’s OK too. Pleasurable sex is a partnership – enjoy the adventure!

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