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Supplements for Anti-Aging

Nature provides it's own antioxidants for the purpose of many of our bodies actions and responses. Some of these great antioxidants come naturally in some of the foods we eat.

Garlic and onions have been labeled, and justly so, "The miracle foods." For centuries, the healing and life preserving properties of garlic and onions have been recorded. Some of these include:

  • lowering blood pressure by dilating blood vessel walls.

  • Thinning blood by inhibiting platelet aggregation, thereby reducing the risks of blood clots and heart attacks.

  • Lowering serum cholesterol.

  • Aiding digestion.

  • Stimulating the immune system.

  • Acting as an antibiotic.

Garlic contains an amino acid derivative that is capable of killing 23 kinds of bacteria and 60 types of fungi and yeast. Garlic has also been reported to protect against stomach and colon cancers. Garlic also has many antioxidant properties.

A daily recommendation for garlic would include:

  • 2-3 fresh cloves of garlic

  • One teaspoon garlic powder

  • Four 1,000 mg tablets

Onions (red and yellow, not white) play a similar role in fighting age related diseases. Use these two foods freely and easily in cooking.

Another of nature's ontioxidants is the soybean. Some call soybeans a natural anti-aging pill. In animal studies, animals that ate soybean protein extended their lifespan by 13 percent.

The key ingredient that makes soybeans such a powerful antioxidant is a substance called genistein. This is a vital antioxidant that has immense anti-aging biological activity.

Daily use should include one of the following:

  • soy flour: 1/2 cup

  • Soy milk: 1 cup

  • Tofu: 1/2 cup

  • Soy nuts: 1 ounce

  • Miso: 1/2 cup

  • Tempeh: 1/2 cup

In addition to adequate water intake, these natural supplements might improve your lifespan.

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