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Let’s Have Sex!

Updated: Sep 9, 2023

You have a beloved partner. You have the time. You have the inclination. So… let’s get going!

Let’s have sex!

Ok, but what kind of sex?

What kind of sex?


Yes. You do know there are different kinds of sex, don’t you?

No? Well fortunately for you there is a Sex with Susan blog that will enlighten you!

The first kind of sexual encounter is “tear your clothes off, jump in a pile and go for it” sex. This is the type of sex that occurs when you have been desiring your partner for too long and you just want to get busy.

This type involves very little foreplay. Why should it since you have been ogling that delicious human and tasting the delights in your mind for a long while. Maybe a scent of perfume or cologne revved your memory during the day. Maybe a song took you to a place of carnal delight. Maybe you have been away too long.

Whatever triggered your sex hormones to kick in, the pure old act of sex is just what you need. It might happen on the car, maybe in your bedroom, maybe outside in the woods, who cares – let’s just DO IT!

The next type of sex is romantic sex. Usually this is planned, expected sex. There may be dinner and candlelight involved. You have (whether wishful thinking or not) a relationship with your partner. You both enjoy the build up leading to the main event. There is an appreciation for each other. It may start slowly and build. It is an individualized ritual initiated and planned carefully.

Women are really into romantic sex. They fantasize about being swept into the strong arms of a man and carried away from the reality of the world. This comes from the Hallmark movies and the chick flicks we all enjoy. Some men are into this, others are not. Side note guys: this type of sex leads to great paybacks from your lady!

Up next is morning sex. Who doesn’t like to wake up next to a warm body, roll over and jump in or on! A morning orgasm is a great way to release endorphins to give your day a great, energetic start!

Never mind that your hair is unruly, that you guys have a prickly beard, or that you have morning breath. This is sex with just no thought other than the act itself. Do it, enjoy it, get up and start your day!

Orgasms cause the release of endorphins (little feel good chemicals). An orgasm a day keeps the blues away!

Next on the list is timed sex. This is sex for a purpose such as conceiving a child or avoiding conception (though I strong don’t suggest using this as a method of contraception!). This is sex involving the charting of a woman’s fertile period and timing sex accordingly. Sometimes this type of sex creates frustration that can actually hamper the conception process. When you turn sex into a chore, it is not as much fun.

We have all heard of infertile couples who went on to conceive once they “stopped trying”. Relaxation is an important component of enjoyable sex.

Tantric sex is another avenue to explore. There are numerous web sites that teach partners to enhance their desire with orgasm not being the immediate reward. This practice involves dedicated partners who are searching for a deep spiritual connection,

Fantasy sex is another fun way to do the deed. Ask your partner for suggestions and take it from there. Be the proverbial lady in public but wild in your bedroom. A naughty nurse, a flirtatious maid, a sultry witch, surprise your partner on unexpected evenings at home.

Phone sex can be fun sex. When your partner is traveling, or you are separated by space, call him up and talk dirty to him. You can bring each other to a satisfying orgasm by being very descriptive about what you are doing while talking or what you will do when next together.

To keep the flame burning, be creative. Try different types of sex, experiment with positions, do it fast, do it slow, just do it when you can! Most who know me personally know I am a lover of chocolate. I also love sex. I love mixing the two! When asked which I love the most, chocolate or sex, after thinking a while, I would have to honestly say it is whichever I have been without the longest…

Creativity in a relationship promotes closeness. Play is just as important to adults as it is to children. The bonus is adult play is unlimited and boundless. Grab your partner and get stated!

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